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Virtual Reality Laboratory
Main equipment:

Virtual Reality Laboratory has been established in 2004. It consists of 2 rooms.

1.Multi-user stereoscopic 3D projection room + haptic devices.

2.Single-user stereoscopic 3D projection, tracking and gesture recognition room.


* Passive stereoscopy projection system EON ICatcher - two projectors and a large screen (2.4 x 1.8m)

* Mobile small -screen system (1,2x0,9m)

* Tracking system Polhemus Fastrak with 3 receivers

* 5DT DataGlove for gesture recognition

The following software is available:


New equipment is now available!!!

High quality modern equipment is now available at Virtual Reality Lab:

* force feedback haptic device SensAble Phantom Premium 3.0/6DOF

* force feedback haptic device CyberForce System

* wireless magnetic tracking system Polhemus Liberty LATUS (5 receivers)

* gesture recognition glove set 5DT Data Glove 14 Ultra (left + right) + Wireless Kit

* optical tracking system PPT X system + nVisor MH-60V HMD + InertiaCube

* nVisor MH-60V HMD

* InertiaCube 2 + sensor

* PST device

* 3d TV - SONY VPL VW-50ES


Virtual models

first models in VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language)

At the beginning of VIDAs Virtual Reality Laboratory researchers try to recognize VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) as a way to create CAD based models. The waterpump model was created on the basis of CAD documentation from local company Leszczynska Fabryka Pomp. The virtual model of refrigerator in *.wrl form from Amica Wronki S. A. company was also established.

virtual refrigerator model (EON)

During the co-operation work with development office of Amica Wronki SA company the virtual refrigerator model was created. Model was created for presentation of product functionality and different variants.

Virtual model of washing machine - marketing application

Base on the co-operation described in virtual refrigerator model interactive marketing application of washing machine. On the basis of CAD documentation internet interface of interactive model was created.

Washing machine assembly & disassembly interactive guide

At VIDA Centre VR Laboratory an Internet based application for supporting assembly and disassmbly processes of industrial product - washing machine. Application allow each user with internet connection and free browser installed can self in interactive way be guided in the assembly and disassembly virtual environment. Work was strongly related to industrial practice and oryginal technical documentation from VIDA's industrial partner - Amica Wronki SA.

virtual manufacturing model - FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)

In students work in the frame work of VIDA's activities Flexible Manufacturing System Virtual Model is created. Connection of many smaller applications created by the students is integrated for realisation of FMS virtual model.




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